E10 Petrol on the Market in Finland

Verify the compatibility of the 95 E10 petrol with your car or other vehicle. Compatibility data sorted by car make and model can be found in this official E10 online service maintained by Motiva Oy. The service contains compatibility details for cars, mopeds, motorcycles, snowmobiles and various other types of small machines as well as boat engines.
Where necessary, further advice may also be sought from car dealers and vehicle importers.

In its combat against the climate change, Finland is determined to increase the share of biofuels in road transport. In 2011, the E10 petrol with up to 10% v/v ethanol (95 E10) was introduced in Finland. The 98 E5 petrol is available for engines that are not compatible with the 95 E10 petrol.

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18.4.2017 98 E5 petrol to remain on the market in Finland

According to the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association, 98 octane petrol will remain available to consumers in Finland for as long as there is demand for it. No legislation requires that the product be removed from the market.

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22.2.2017 In Finland E10 petrol had 65 per cent share in 2016

Of the petrol sold in Finland last year 65 per cent was 95 E10 petrol, according to statistics of the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association. Owing to newer cars on the road, E10 petrol has increased its share of petrol sold each year since it was introduced in Finland at the beginning of 2011.

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